Welcome to our US website. We’re pop culture geeks that are constantly iterating, innovating and making the figurines we’ve always wanted, all for fans like us. And we're based in Florida!

Our new figurines creations

Raphael - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

The smurfs are Mine!

Since 1993, our little workshop settled in Normandy pays lots of attention to translate your beloved comics paper heroes into 3d statues.

Even the smallest details of your childhood's favourite characters are respected, as we give a drastic attention to all our factory process. Since the beginning we have decided to design, create and produce everything on our own in our workshop, so, if you come here to visit us, we shall welcome you and show our completely integrated artisanal production line!

We are constantly searching for new tricks and technical or artistical innovations, because what we like above all is to surprise you! Beyond our profound attachment to our savoir-faire, this is typically what we are proud of!